Hillary Wants To Know What Is The Most Important Issue… Oh And Don’t Forget To Send Your Money!

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Heh! Here’s an idea that isn’t necessarily new, but still a lot of fun:

Use Hillary’s fundraising postage-paid envelopes to tell Hillary what is on your mind as the most important issue for America’s future. Hillary wants to know if you are with her? The example posted below, uses the postage-paid envelope as a teachable moment for any volunteers opening the mail, not to mention the message you send may help to chip away at Hillary’s fundraising power when the campaign has to pay for the postage of millions Americans doing the same thing.



Added TIP: Use a black pen or sharpie to blacken out the tracking code in the lower-right corner of the message form so you won’t be removed from future mailing lists… and ignore the request to include the top form (for donation portion) along with ignoring the request to have all hard-working taxpayer citizens to pick up the tab for postage. LOL!

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