Heartless: DNC Mocks Benghazi Deaths In Job Posting Tweet

Eric Reif
(Eric Reif)

This is just disgusting. A “senior social media campaigner” for the DNC, Eric Reif, posted a tweet encouraging people to apply for a position on the DNC social media team.

For some inexplicable reason, Eric took the opportunity to mock Benghazi.



Four. Dead. Americans.

The posting was for a “digital writer” for the party “to create content for our email list and social media properties (think @TheDemocrats and @JoeBiden),” the job description reads.

It’s unclear why Eric Reif, who is “Senior Email Campaigner” for the DNC and previously worked for President Obama’s campaign committee, would include the acrostic in the job posting. He later deleted the tweet.

It was captured by @JimmyPrinceton before Reif tried to cover his tracks. [Read more…]

Here’s Reif’s twitter bio:

Internet! Serious business. Digital for . Formerly  and .

Eric Reif’s disgraceful actions will inspire some to call for him to be removed. We prefer he stay right where he is. He seems like a real asset with just the kind of terrific judgement the DNC deserves.

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