Golf King Barack Obama to Jamaican Crowd: “None of Us Can Afford to Take the Day Off” (VIDEO)

Barack Obama quoted Reggae singer Bob Marley during his stop in Jamaica on Friday.
Obama told a young Jamaican audience on Friday,

“None of us can afford to take the day off.”

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As of February 16th, 2015, the number of days Barack Obama has golfed is… 219.

Yesterday Obama told Jamaican kids not to take a day off.
From the White House website:

Individuals like those two young people — the young people here today — you remind me of something that Bob Marley once said. You know I went to his house yesterday. (Laughter.) I thought, I’m only five minutes from his house, I got to go check it out. (Laughter.) And one of the displays has to do when he was shot right before a concert he was supposed to give, trying to bring the political factions in Jamaica together. And he was treated for his wounds and he went ahead with the program, went ahead with the show. And somebody asked, well, why would you do that? He said, “The people who are trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?” Why should I? (Applause.)

So none of us can afford to take the day off. And I want you to have every chance, every tool you need to make this world better. So today I’m announcing nearly $70 million in U.S. investments in education, training, and employment programs for our young people throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

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