Father & Son Shot Dead ‘Execution-Style’ by Black Teens in New Orleans (VIDEO)

Two teen car burglars were arrested this weekend after shooting David Pence and his sone Nicholas at their home.
The two black teens invaded the Pence home after a dinner party on Wednesday night.
pence father and son

The father and son were shot dead in an execution-style murder moments after party guests left their home.

NOLA reported:


Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a pair of New Orleans teens for the shotgun murder of David Pence and his son, Nicholas, in Metairie.

Dexter Allen, 17, and Haraquon Degruy, 18, were arrested in New Orleans Friday (April 24) after a brief car chase, Sheriff Newell Normand announced at a press conference Sunday.

Normand said Allen gunned down the Pences Wednesday night inside their home in the 3700 block of Clifford Drive, shooting David Pence three times with a shotgun, then shooting Nicholas Pence twice.

Normand said Degruy told investigators she and Allen, who had pulled into the Pences’ driveway in a stolen vehicle, had been committing car burglaries in the neighborhood.

teen car burglars
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office announces the arrests of Dexter Allen and Haraquon Degruy for involvement in the murders of David and Nicholas Pence in Metairie. (NOLA.com)

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