Far Left Professor & MSNBC Contributor: Reparations Answer to ‘Patriarchal White Supremacy’ That Runs US

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Professor Dorothy Roberts from Penn Law argues that reparations is the answer to the “patriarchal white supremacy” that runs the United States.
Via Pundit Press:

Dr. Dorothy E. Roberts, who is described by Penn Law as “an acclaimed scholar of race, gender and the law,” believes that the United States is run by “patriarchal white supremacists” and that reparations are, in part, the answer to inequity between African Americans and whites. Dr. Roberts teaches at the University of Pennsylvania and has made appearances on MSNBC.

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There’s much more on race hustler Roberts here.

Roberts likes to talk about the biopolitics of race.
Of course, she has no background in genetics or biology.


And, just think, this crackpot is actually teaching kids at university!

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