Fake or Hate? Noose Found Hanging on Duke Campus Overnight

A noose was found hanging from a tree on Duke University campus Wednesday morning.
noose duke

The Color Caucus released a statement this morning warning black students and staff that Duke was not a safe place for black people.
CBS Local reported:

A noose was found hanging from a tree on the campus of Duke University early Wednesday morning.

The Duke Chronicle reports the noose, made with a yellow rope, was removed at 2:45 a.m. from the Bryan Center plaza after photos of it made the rounds on social media.

“I was awakened early this morning with the news that a noose was found hung on the Bryan Center plaza,” Larry Moneta, the university’s Vice President of Student Affairs, said in an email. “I can’t begin to describe the disgust and anger I felt, and still feel. Though it has since been removed, the photos are everywhere and its hateful message will sadly pervade and persist for a long time.”

The Duke People of Color Caucus released a statement saying that the Duke campus is “not a safe place.”

“To all black students, staff, faculty, and/or Durhamites on campus and in the area: Please take care of yourselves and each other,” the statement reads. “This campus is not a safe space, and has proven beyond any doubt that it is a hostile environment for any and all black people.”

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