EPA Head: “Not At All Worried About Republican President Reversing Carbon Restrictions; Low Carbon Future Is Inevitable” (VIDEO)

Gina (Image screenshot)

It would appear that with the crafting of the upcoming EPA rule to restrict carbon emissions on coal power plants at least one Obama campaign promise, to raise the price of electricity, will finally be complete.

During a recent interview with the Huffington Post the Administrator of the EPA, Gina McCarthy said that she was “not at all worried” about a new Republican President reversing the EPA’s upcoming restrictions on carbon. She then when on to state that a low carbon future is “inevitable”:

Reporter: “We are coming into the 2016 campaign season already. You look at the Republicans who have announced so far and they all say Climate Change is not a big deal, or I’m not so worried about it. Do you worry about this Climate Plan dying on the vine if one of them takes office in 2016?”

Gina McCarthy: “No. Not at all. One of the good things about the Clean Air Act is the the EPA knows how to manage the Clean Air Act and how to do rule making under it. It’s going to be very clear that states will be obligated to submit plans, and it’s going to be both legally sound and technically sound as well. So we are quite certain that these obligations will be required. That they will meet the test of time in the courts. I’m also quite sure that the American public now is really looking for Federal leadership on this.

“You know climate actions are not new. States and communities have been doing them. And a lot have been doing them because it saves them considerable money. It pays off for consumers to do energy efficiency programs. People’s aren’t afraid of renewable energy. They like it. What they’re afraid of is continued investment in old technologies that really will not stand the test of time. A low carbon future is inevitable. The question is will we embrace it in a point and time, like today, when the U.S. can provide international leadership and use it to advance our own economy and advance our own job growth.”

Video below (comment begins at the 4:00 mark):

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