Dramatic Footage: NJ Cops Rescue Woman From Car Moments Before It Bursts Into Flames


Cops in New Jersey save the life of a ‘drunk’ driver who’s car had flipped. She was buckled in and unconscious, and the car was about to burst into flames.

Of course, it’s people the left call “pigs” to the rescue:

This is why they’re heroes, folks, deserving of our gratitude and the benefit of the doubt.


Officers found the wrecked vehicle — a white 2006 Toyota Solara convertible — flipped over in a culvert partially on its side and its roof and smoking. Milkosky, the driver, was still seat-belted in the vehicle, he said.

Ehrenburg and Ferriola extricated the driver from the vehicle and moved her to safety before her smoking vehicle became engulfed in flames, according to the dashcam video. [Read More…]

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