Douglas Murray Vows To Challenge Law If Ed Miliband Criminalizes ‘Islamophobia’

Guest post by DMartyr

Birmingham Muslim Community Gather For Friday Prayers

A little back story: Jim posted earlier that Ed Miliband has promised to criminalize ‘Islamophobia’ if he is elected Prime Minister. The move would make criticism of Islam a hate crime, whether or not the criticism is truthful. In other words, he would impose Shariah Law on non-Muslims.

This would have far reaching effects on every free nation, as Muslim activists would certainly press for similar laws in all the Western nations.


Author and journalist Douglas Murray has vowed to be the first to test such a law, should Miliband win and follow through with his promise:

I hate to grandstand, but I suppose I should point out that if Ed Miliband were to become Prime Minister and were to decide to make what people call ‘Islamophobia’ illegal then I’m very happy to test the law straight away. Indeed I will immediately put on a gathering of academics, writers, Quranic-scholars and philosophers – Muslim and non-Muslim – to discuss Islam. It is possible that some of those gathered may disagree with the foundational claims of Islam. I, for instance, may repeat my belief – not being a Muslim – that it is highly unlikely that the Quran was ‘dictated’ by God. This is not only my belief. It is also the belief of Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Christians (some Anglican priests excepted), atheists and ex-Muslims, to name only a few minority groups. And so the problem Prime Minister Ed will find is that:

a) What I am saying is true.
b) The ‘Islamophobia’ industry will continue to describe this truth as ‘Islamophobia’.
c) Ed will have made ‘Islamophobia’ illegal.
d) Ed will have made the truth illegal.

This will be a problem, won’t it?

Douglas Murray has always been one of my favorite ‘Islamophobes.’ In case you don’t know who he is, watch this:

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