BREAKING: Mike Brown’s Family Sues Ferguson, Officer Darren Wilson For Wrongful Death

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Mike Brown’s family plans to file suit against the city of Ferguson:

The family of Michael Brown plans on filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Ferguson.

The formal announcement is expected Thursday morning in St. Louis. [Read More…]

They should be filing an apology to the elderly immigrant their son robbed. While they’re at it, they should apologize for the city that was burned down in their son’s name…for a lie.

FLASHBACK: Local Officials Are Investigating if Mike Brown’s Step-Father Incited Riot


In other news, Starbucks is opening a location in Ferguson.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said the coffee chain will open a store in Ferguson, though he did not specify where or when.

They might consider a location near the fire station.

torched shop ferguson

UPDATE: The Brown-McSpadden families filed a civil lawsuit against the City of Ferguson, former Police Chief Tom Jackson and former Ferguson officer Darren Wilson on Thursday.

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