Boko Haram Reportedly Slaughtered Christian Villagers Over Church Hymns

boko harem

The Boko Haram terrorist group slaughtered at least 24 Christians over offensive church hymns. The terrorists disquised as preachers and gathered residents at a mosque before shooting them dead.
The Australian reported:

Christian congregations in northern Nigeria had taunted Boko Haram insurgents with defiant hymns about religious war before their churches were overrun and burnt and their people slaughtered.

Muslim community leaders have claimed that the militants targeted specific Christian communities after learning that people had circulated the songs, a cross between jingly church music and synthetic pop but with sectarian lyrics.

The lyrics accuse Boko Haram — which has killed up to 13,000 people and left millions more displaced — of travelling to centres of Islamic extremism such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and telling people there that Nigeria is a caliphate.

The songs came to light as news emerged that the Islamist militants had launched fresh attacks in Borno state, disguising themselves as preachers and gathering residents of a remote village at a mosque before opening fire. At least 24 people were killed in the latest demonstration that Nigeria’s government seems impotent against the extremists.

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