Bloomberg: “Environmental Groups Should Start Threatening” Congress, Gun Makers, Coal Industry & THEIR FAMILIES!

Posted by Patch W Adams, the P/Oed Patriot.

Bloomberg calls for threats against family members of industries he and Progressives disapprove of!

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(Image Politico)

Former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg maybe against large sodas, and firearms, but he isn’t against encouraging others to threaten people in order to push the green agenda.

During an interview with the Environmental Defense Fund President, Fred Krupp, Bloomberg stated he feels pro-environmental groups need to “get tough” and begin to “threaten” those in Congress, cigarette and gun makers, and the Coal Indusrty and their families:

I’ve always thought the pro-environmental groups should get a lot tougher and start threatening. You go to your Congressperson…

What the NRA does, the reason they are so powerful is they go to you and they say, you gotta vote with us. And you say, I can’t do it. I’m good on the other issues but I’m not good on guns. And the NRA would say, well We’re gonna go after you. But you say, my opponent is worse. But they say, we don’t care we’re going after you. We’re going after your spouse, your kids, and your grandkids. We’re setting up a fund so five generations from now we’re still going to go after every relative of yours. And you say that is totally irrational. But wait a second these guys are crazy. And so you say OK Bloomberg will still vote for me because he likes my position on all these other things and he’ll won’t worry about the gun issue.

Well I think the environmental people have to say, wait a second you are murdering people, and we gotta stop this. And why we don’t go after people that burn coal, or make guns, or make cigarettes you know…”

Video below (comment from 13:39-14:50)


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