Ben Stein: Give Me a Break! Hillary Clinton Is a Shakedown Artist (Video)

hillary scooby bus

Former Nixon and Ford speechwriter and actor Ben Stein joined Steve Malzberg on NewsMax TV today to discuss Iran, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton’s latest run for president.
Stein called Hillary a “shakedown artist.”

Ben Stein: I love Marco Rubio. I met him about six-seven years ago, down in Tallahassee. I was incredibly impressed with him. I’m going to send him money this afternoon. I love Ted Cruz. I sat at dinner with him; the dinner of the American Spectator about a year ago. I like him alot. I like them both a hell of a lot.

Steve Malzberg: And Hillary, what do you think of this listening tour, driving in this $60,000 van?

Ben Stein: Well, I don’t care about the van. The thing Hillary is saying, we got to have a narrative for everyday people. What was her fee for a speech last year, $250,000, $300,000, for 45 minutes work? And she’s trying to identify with ordinary people? Give me one small break, please! I mean, this is a woman who has been shaking down America’s biggest corporations. Shaking down our Arab friends in the middle east for money for her foundation. Shaking down everybody she knows for money for her campaign. And she’s talking about the everyday people? Giver me a break! Sly and the Family Stone, I love everyday people. But that ain’t Hillary.

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