Baltimore Mayor on Police Lies: Officers ‘Collaborate & Collude to Get Stories Straight’

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake told CNN that police officers will “collaborate and collude to get their stories together.”
rawlings blake

She’s got your back, Baltimore PD.
CNN reported:

Despite the public’s thirst for answers, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake warned that pushing out information hastily could derail the probe.

“What we’ve seen in other jurisdictions, where there have been information put out too early when the investigation wasn’t completed, officers had a chance to collaborate or collude and get their stories together, and it wasn’t helpful to the investigation,” she said. “We want to protect this process to ensure that Freddie Gray has justice.”

As for the federal investigation into whether Gray’s death was the result of a prosecutable civil rights violation, newly appointed Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Monday that the Justice Department’s civil rights division and the FBI “will continue our careful and deliberate examination of the facts in the coming days and weeks.”

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