72 Year Old Grandma Rants About Today’s “Soft” Women Who “Use Up The Elderly Money”

Meet Mama Angus. She’s 72 years old and she’s got a message for the young women in her community: ‘Get off your ass. Stop blaming the man. Learn to cook. Get a job. Raise your own kids and stop using up all the elderly money!’

How many Progressive thought laws does she break in this one rant?

72-Year-Old Grandmother Is Fed Up With Modern Women And Welfare Sponges
Mama Angus: We had mothers to raise us. They raised us to be women. Raise our own children. A woman has to be a woman. A woman’s place is in the home. A man’s place is to provide and if he don’t provide that you don’t need him….I’ve been cooking since I was 4 1/2 and these women today all they know is McDonalds, fast foods and stuff. They don’t know nothing about cooking and feeding no man. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Get your behind in there and cook, and feed him, and make sure he get up off his but and go to work!
Off camera: Is there something that’s missing in this community?
Mama Angus: The women’s soft. Now they might not like me for saying it but these young women today, they don’t even raise their children. Their children are raising them. Look, a woman’s place is to raise her children and at the end of the day tell their husbands which one they had to almost kill. That’s how that goes. That’s why the juvenile center is so full and why they’re expanding the jails, because mothers don’t raise their children and putting the blame on the man!
…I’m telling the truth. And I can’t stand it, cuz I’m 72 years old and I still don’t mind working. I ain’t scared of work. They stay in the system and use up the elderly money. They stay out there in the system and go out there and get all those children and expect us to help them take care of them. I’m sick of it!

God bless Mama Angus!

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