Why Are Reporters Not Staking Out Hillary Clinton?

TMZ put a reporter on stakeout at Reagan National Airport on this week who became the first and only reporter to ask Hillary Clinton about her private State Department email scandal.

The question was not well asked, but at least TMZ had someone there to confront Clinton.

No one else from the vaunted D.C. political media was there.

Even more embarrassing for the D.C. media is that TMZ exclusively questioned Clinton at Reagan National two days in a row!

TMZ publicly ribbed their reporter, Colin Drummond, for not asking Clinton about the emails in his first encounter with her on Tuesday (Drummond asked Clinton to give TMZ the ezclusive on if she was running for president and if lawyers make better presidents), but he got a second chance on Wednesday and went for it. Clinton refused to answer on either day.

“How ya doing Hillary? Hillary, with the blunder on the emails was that just a generalization gap or can that be corrected? Any chance they’ll be corrected, Secretary Clinton? Alright have a good day.”

With Clinton not having made any public comments on the matter that could end her second presidential campaign before it officially begins, save for a lame late night comment on Twitter Wednesday, the press should be putting pressure on her to answer questions.

Reporters know where Clinton lives. Her twin mansions in Chappaqua, New York and Washington, D.C. are well known and easily accessible. Her Embassy Row mansion in D.C. that abuts the Vice President’s home is a short cab ride from D.C. news bureaus and has ample parking for satellite trucks.

Reporters should be camped out at Clinton’s homes demanding answers. They should be knocking on the door of the Chappaqua mansion demanding to see the email server reported to have been housed there to protect Clinton’s official emails from scrutiny.

Instead reporters are mocking the TMZ questioner.

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