WATCH WORLD WAR II VETERAN & His Doggie Take a Sled Ride Down a Massive Hill (90 Years Young)

This is just pure fun to watch.
The below video report explains that the 90-year-old, Claude Bratcher, is a WWII veteran. While watching the snow sledding fun of his grandkids… the veteran decided to give the sled ride a try. Family members quickly set up a Go-Pro camera on the sled to capture the fun.

sled ridge ww II vet

This wasn’t just your average kiddie hill.
Claude’s downhill run lasts over a minute.

His “doggie” was eager to sit on his lap at the start, but the dog quickly decided he didn’t like the sled once it started to move… so the little dog ran along side the sled down the hill.
Hat Tip Mara


WBIR has more on Claude Bratcher.

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