VIDEO>>> YOUTH GANG Attacks & Vandalizes London Synagogue Screaming “We Will Kill You!”

A group of violent youths attacked and vandalized a London Synagogue late Saturday.
The vandals were screaming, “We will kill you!” during the attack.

Twenty men attacked the synagogue screaming and breaking windows.
london youths

The terrifying episode was captured on video:

I24News reported:

A synagogue in the London suburb of Stamford Hill was attacked by a group of approximately 20 youths Saturday night.

The youths, who yelled “we will kill you”, beat worshipers and vandalized property including tearing apart prayer books reported The Jerusalem Post.

One local Jewish man who was passing by the synagogue at the time of the attack suffered hits to his face after being overwhelmed by the group of youths after trying to grab one of them to bring to the police.

The attack, which was filmed by a member of the synagogue shows two groups of youths, one inside the building and the other trying to get in, screaming at each other through broken windows. Towards the end of the video, an object is shown being thrown through one of the windows after a man tries to shut the door, causing glass to fly towards the group inside.

Two girls in miniskirts are also seen, but it is unclear whether they were trying to intervene or if they were part of the attack.

Six men were arrested – They were reportedly drunk.

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