VIDEO=> #Ferguson Police Shooter Admits He Was Part of #MikeBrown Protest Movement

St. Louis County officials released the name of the Ferguson police shooter on Sunday.
mugshot williams
20-year-old North County native Jeffrey Williams confessed to shooting two police officers in Ferguson last week.

Williams fired several shots striking one officer in the face and another officer in his shoulder. But Williams told police he did not specifically target the police.

Ferguson protest leader Bishop Robinson visited Williams in jail. Williams told him that the shots he fired were in self defense.

“He said a protester was trying to rob him. And he said he could not describe the protester. And I asked him if he could have shared with us, that were leaders out there, there was law enforcement, that if someone was going to rob him he should of have let us known that, so we could have had his back.”

Bishop Robinson said he was also not buying that story.

According to Mike Tobin, Williams told Bishop Robinson that he came down on Wednesday night to support the movement.
Then he shot two cops.

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