VIDEO=> British Al-Qaeda Member Complains About No Indoor Plumbing in Caliphate

The Joys of Jihad – No Indoor Plumbing
brit isis bathroom

A new video by for Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria was released this week starring a British recruit in the field. The former Brit talks about the difficult conditions including no indoor plumbing.

“It is an honor to be here, defending Muslim blood. The conditions aren’t great. For the toilet, you have to go au natural”

The Daily Mail reported:

Militants fighting for Al Qaeda in Syria have released a chilling new propaganda video in which a young British jihadi describes life fighting on the frontline.

The unnamed man, who speaks with a southern English accent, is filmed complaining about a lack of toilets as he stands in a trench – believed to be somewhere in the forest outside Lattakia city.

Wearing digital camouflage and wielding a large assault rifle, the Al Qaeda militant reveals that although it is his ambition to die as a ‘martyr’, acting recklessly in order to achieve that is forbidden and he must avoid being hit by the sniper rounds heard popping and cracking in the background.

It must get old pooping in a bucket all the time.

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