VIDEO>>> Black Student Union Wants Campus Building Renamed After Most-Wanted Cop Killer

The Black Student Union at UC Berkeley wants the university to rename a building after a most-wanted cop killer and convicted murderer.

Cop killer Assata Shakur murdered New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster in 1973 and then fled to Cuba.
shakur werner foerster

Shakur was a member of the Black Panthers and is still celebrated among certain far left communities.


The Black Student Union calls her “a symbol of black resilience in the face of state sanctioned violence.”

“We want it renamed after someone, Assata Shakur, who we feel like represent us.”

Via America’s Newsroom:

SFgate reported:

Black students at UC Berkeley often feel isolated and even oppressed, says a campus group that wants the nation’s premier public university to step up recruitment of African American students and improve support for them.

So in the time-honored tradition of Berkeley activism, the Black Student Union hammered out 10 demands, delivered them to the chancellor, and set a deadline to meet them.

“If we do not receive a written response from Chancellor (Nick) Dirks addressing in detail each of our individual demands as they were presented, by 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 17, we will understand that the Chancellor has not prioritized the dire needs of Black students on this campus,” the students wrote in a press release.

The demands include hiring nine people, including two black psychologists experienced in racial discrimination and advisers to recruit and mentor black students and student athletes; creating an African American Student Resource Center; and — in a different vein — renaming a building after Assata Shakur, a former Black Panther and the first woman on the FBI’s list of Most Wanted Terrorists.

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