VIDEO>>> Andrea Tantaros Goes Off on Holder After Police Shooting: He Has Been Attorney General for the Criminal!

Conservative radio host and TV personality Andrea Tantaros went off on Eric Holder today on Outnumbered.

Tantaros accused Attorney General Eric Holder of being an Attorney General “for the criminal.” This came after two police officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri last night.

“Last night the police chief resigned. This was on the heels of the report that the Department of Justice put out. The Department of Justice has been inflaming this as Lou points out for a long time. It couldn’t bring charges against Darren Wilson because the physical evidence of Darren Wilson’s testimony corroborated and matched up. So they had to do something because they intervened and they flamed the racial tensions. And, Eric Holder has proven time and time again he is an Attorney General for the criminal, by the criminal and of the criminals in the United States of America and it’s the way he handles immigration as well.”

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