Vendor Caught Selling “RUNNING N*GGER” Targets at Gun Show (VIDEO)

Vendor Caught Selling “RUNNING N*GGER” Targets at Gun Show
running ngger target

A South Dakota gun show banned a vendor after he was found selling racist targets that were not approved by organizers.

The vendor said he sold 500 of the targets.
The UPI reported:


Organizers of a South Dakota gun show said they did not pre-approve a vendor’s targets bearing the silhouette of an exaggerated black man and a racial slur.

The “Official Runnin’ [expletive] Target,” which made use of a racial slur, were seen for sale during the weekend at the Collector’s Classic Gun Show in Sioux Falls.

A KSFY-TV crew asked the seller, who was not identified, if he considered the targets to be offensive.

“To who? Are you a negro?” the vendor said. “You know there’s some black people and then there’s some negroes.”

The vendor said he “sold 500 of them this weekend so what difference does it make?”

Daethal Dockter, a member of the gun show’s board of directors, said the vendor did not clear the targets with officials before selling them.

“We don’t condone such things at our shows and this problem will be taken care of,” Dockter said.

Bob Campbell, organizer of the gun show, said the vendor has been banned from future events.

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