UNION HACK Sues Illinois to Get Back $30,000 Pension After Working ONE DAY as Teacher

david piccioli

Union hack David Piccioli is suing the state of Illinois for a $31,000 pension after working one day as a teacher. Piccioli is already collecting $31,000 from the Teacher Retirement System annually.
Watchdog.org reported:

After working one day as a substitute teacher in Illinois, David Piccioli could be entitled to an annual pension of more than $30,000.

And he’s suing the state to make sure he gets paid.

Piccioli is a retired union political activist who’s already pulling down a pair of state pensions from Illinois’ beleaguered public retirement system. But he’s taking the Teachers Retirement System to court to squeeze more money out of the state.

The Chicago Tribune reported Thursday that Piccioli is already collecting $31,000 annually from the Teacher Retirement System, but he could get an additional $36,000 annually if he wins his case. He’s also collecting a $30,000-pension from a different state retirement system for his time as a legislative aide in Springfield, according to the Tribune.

Piccioli is a retired lobbyist for the Illinois Federation of Teachers and never worked in a classroom, but he took advantage of a loophole in Illinois pension law to score his teaching pension.

Piccioli was previously able to qualify for the pension before the state took it away. Now he’s suing to get it back.

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