Unhinged Gun Control Nuts Open Fake Gun Store – Lecture Customers About Guns (Video)

States United To Prevent Gun Violence opened a “gun store” in New York City recently.

A hidden camera caught them lecturing to would-be customers.
Seems like an awfully expensive social experiment.

Guns.com reported:


Two gun control organizations set up a faux gun store in Manhattan’s Lower East Side stocked with hidden cameras and guns that were illegal under state and city law for the purpose of gun violence education.

The front, simply named “The Gun Shop” specifically had window advertisements aimed at first time gun buyers. Once inside the space, shoppers were confronted with mannequins dressed in tactical gear, a gun counter and a wall of firearms ranging from military surplus SKS rifles to submachine guns. Those interested in items were told that the gun in question had a unique and interesting history that included violence.

“Collectors love this one,” said the bearded gun store attendant, holding an AR-15 prop gun to a shopper in a video released by the organizations. “Adam Lanza’s mom had this in her collection too. Until he took this and several other guns and killed her, then went down to Sandy Hook and killed six teachers and 20 innocent children.”

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence set up the store front for two days while States United to Prevent Gun Violence – who made news earlier this month with a public service announcement featuring celebritiessuch as Snoop Dogg for the ImUnloading campaign, directed at 401K investments containing firearms stocks – was responsible for the video.

“The people who came in were actually seriously considering buying a gun,” New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Executive Director Leah Gunn Barrett told the Washington Post. “We thought that showing the guns and their histories and getting people to think twice about owning a firearm would be an instructive thing to experience.”

The famous New York-based Grey ad agency coupled with Rival School Pictures were brought in to produce the video, PR Newser reported.

If they really wanted to look authentic they would have taped one of these on the door.
gun store stupid

If you ever think you might have strolled into a fake gun shop – ask the attendant what he thinks of Barack Obama.

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