U.S. Episcopal Church: “Climate Denial Is Immoral”

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Several months after Pope Francis began to push Climate Change in the Catholic church, another major U.S. religion has jumped on the Climate Change pulpit.

The Guardian reports that the highest ranking bishop of the United States Episcopal Church has declared that denying man-made Climate Change is an immoral act:

The highest ranking woman in the Anglican communion has said climate denial is a “blind” and immoral position which rejects God’s gift of knowledge.

“Katharine Jefferts Schori, presiding bishop of the Episcopal church and one of the most powerful women in Christianity, said that climate change was a moral imperative akin to that of the civil rights movement. She said it was already a threat to the livelihoods and survival of people in the developing world.

It is in that sense much like the civil rights movement in this country where we are attending to the rights of all people and the rights of the earth to continue to be a flourishing place,” Bishop Jefferts Schori said in an interview with the Guardian. “It is certainly a moral issue in terms of the impacts on the poorest and most vulnerable around the world already.”

“In the same context, Jefferts Schori attached moral implications to climate denial, suggesting those who reject the underlying science of climate change were turning their backs on God’s gift of knowledge.

Episcopalians understand the life of the mind is a gift of God and to deny the best of current knowledge is not using the gifts God has given you,” she said. “In that sense, yes, it could be understood as a moral issue.”

In 2013 a “Climate Denying” MIT scientist said Climate Change is akin to a religion whose believers will defend it with a “Jihadist zeal” even if there is no proof, other than unproven theories, to support their claims.

Little did the MIT scientist realize at the time that some of those “Climate Jihadists” would be leading two of the largest churches in the United States.



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