This War Is Lost… Controversial Senator Harry Reid Will Not Seek Reelection

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will not seek reelection.

Controversial Senator Harry Reid announced this morning that he will not seek reelection in 2016. The Nevada senator suffered serious injuries in a New Year’s Day “accident” this year.
USA Today reported:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who has led his party’s troops since 2005, announced Friday he will not seek re-election to a sixth term.

“My life’s work has been to make Nevada and our nation better. Thank you for giving me that wonderful opportunity,” he said on Twitter and in a short video.

Reid, who suffered an eye injury and broken bones in a New Year’s Day workout accident, said in the video he determined that it was “inappropriate” for him to soak up the Democratic Party’s resources in the 2016 elections if he sought a sixth term.

Harry Reid made several outrageous statements over the years – maybe none as controversial as declaring the Iraq War was lost while US men and women were fighting in Iraq, a war the US won just a year later.
“This war is lost.”

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