KNIFE ATTACK at New Orleans Airport: Man With Machete Injures Two, Is Shot by Police

At least two people were stabbed in a security line at New Orleans Airport tonight.
One man was shot by police.

FOX 8 Live reported:

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said a machete-wielding man was shot by an officer and several people were injured in the chaos that followed Friday at Louis Armstrong International Airport.

According to Normand, a man identified as Richard White -who was not traveling – tried to get past a Southwest Airlines security checkpoint and was confronted by a TSA agent. White produced a can of wasp spray and sprayed the agent, Normand said. As the man continued to fight, he produced a machete and cut one of the agents. Agents chased him toward a deputy, who then shot White, hitting him in the face and chest.

A bystander sustained a graze wound in the shooting. Several people running from the scene sustained non-life-threatening injuries from falls as they scrambled to get away.

White is currently hospitalized and unresponsive, Normand said. He said White was a cab driver who had recently acquired a chauffeur’s license.

Traveler Cameron Matthews reported hearing several shots and then seeing people running. She said she hid until the incident was over. Passenger Jeremy Didier reported seeing someone “jump past the security guards waving a machete and cutting people.”

Officials have no idea what the motivation was.


Authorities identified the assailant as Richard White, 63. White has been a tax driver, recently acquired his chauffeur’s license and has little or no criminal history.

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