STILL NO ARRESTS In Shooting of Two St. Louis County Police Officers

Two St. Louis County Police Officers were shot in front of the Ferguson station lat early Thursday morning.
One officer was shot in the face and the other was shot in the shoulder.

shots fired tonight
Two police officers were shot during protests Thursday morning in Ferguson, Missouri.

There still have been no arrests in the police shootings.
FOX 2 Now reported:


There are still no arrests Friday morning in connection with the shooting of two police officers outside the Ferguson Police Department.

A spokesman with the St Louis County Police Department says detectives are still chasing down leads and have talked with several people in connection with the shooting of the officers. However, the spokesman would not give an exact number of how many people have been questioned.

At present, concrete barricades are now blocking parts of the main driveway entrance to the police department, but the barricades did not stop people from coming out to the area.

Ferguson protesters are very upset that police have knocking on their doors and questioning them.

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