St. Louis County Police: Ferguson Police Officers Were Purposely Targeted By Shooter

“This is what they wanted to happen”

-Ferguson police officer reportedly said after the shooting

The St. Louis County Police Department posted several updates on social media after two police officers were shot, one in the face, outside the Ferguson Police Department last night.

The actual shooting was captured on video “streamers” protesting outside the Ferguson Police Department.
(Warning on language)


The two officers were from outside Ferguson – helping out to cover the overtime for the continual protests in Ferguson.

One officer was shot in the shoulder, one was shot in the face.

The police officers were purposely targeted.
(This was retweeted by St. Louis County PD)

St. Louis County Police Chief complained about the constant pressure put on the county police by outside groups.

The St. Louis County Police posted this on Facebook.

Via Facebook:

Two St. Louis area police officers were shot while in Ferguson, Missouri. The shooting happened just after midnight.

One St. Louis County Police officer and one Webster Groves officer sustained non-life threatening injuries.

The St. Louis County officer is 41 years old and a 14 year veteran of law enforcement. He was shot in the shoulder.

The Webster Groves officer is 32 years old and a 7 year veteran. He was shot in the face. Both officers are in serious condition.

Anyone with information about the shooting should contact CrimeStoppers at 1-866-371-8477(TIPS)

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