Sheriff David Clarke: Obama & Holder Are “Fanning the Flames of Racial Discord” (VIDEO)

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke joined Megyn Kelly tonight to discuss the police shootings last night in Ferguson, Missouri.
Clarke blamed Barack Obama and Eric Holder for fanning the flames of racial discord.

I need the President of the United States and Attorney General to remind our young black men in these American ghettos that they have an obligation to comply with the law enforcement officers lawful commands. And if we want to end these deadly encounters, it’s going to be incumbent upon them to stop fighting the police, stop resisting arrest, stop engaging the police in foot pursuits and stop trying to disarm them. Because when you go and engage in behavior like that with a law enforcement officer you’re heading to a very dark place and it’s not going to turn out well for you…

They are fanning the flames of racial discord. And, so they’re having it both ways which really bothers me.

Via The Kelly File:

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