SEIU State President Slams Obama: “We Don’t Support Everyone The President Supports”

SEiuo (Image Shark Tank)

President Obama once stated that SEIU’s agenda was his agenda.

But it appears, when it comes to Chicago’s Mayoral race, the Service Employee International Union’s (SEIU) no longer jives with President Obama’s agenda.


NBC Chicago reports that Illinois SEIU President Tom Balanoff slammed Obama by stating that the union doesn’t support everyone President Obama does and he wishes the President would have stayed out of the Mayor’s race:

“On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Mayor Rahm Emanuel received another blow to his campaign as the president of a major union endorsed challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia and took a shot at President Obama to boot.

Tom Balanoff, president of the Illinois Council of the Service Employees International Union, wishes Obama stayed out of the mayor’s race, he told NBC Chicago after the union endorsed Garcia Saturday.

We don’t support everyone the president supports,” Balanoff said.

In 2008 SEIU spent almost $30 Million dollars to help Obama become President.

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