Reports: Chemical Weapon Bombs Air Dropped on Syria City Captured by Anti-Assad Forces

Syrian activists are reporting on Twitter the city of Idlib has been attacked with chemical weapon barrel bombs early Monday morning local time. The reports from various sources have not as yet been confirmed by the mainstream media.

Idlib was taken from the Assad regime Saturday by a coalition of anti-Assad forces including the al Qaeda affiliate Al Nusra Front.

The attack came hours after the opposition in exile announced they would make Idlib their seat of power in Syria according to the Daily Star of Lebanon.

““The Syrian provisional government will strive to make the free city of Idlib an example to the entire world about what Syrians want for the future of their country,” it said. “It will begin sending its [government bodies] to work inside the city, along with the local council for the province of Idlib, to begin coordinating with its partners and with the [militias] and influential forces to make the city a headquarters for administering liberated regions of Syria.””

“Activists in Idlib are reporting that about 30 mins ago Assad forces launched a chlorine gas attack on the city. Details still emerging.”

“Activists in #Idlib are reporting that #SAA helicopters are dropping #chlorine gas barrels over the city of #Idlib, #Syria”

“Sources in #Idlib are saying characteristics of toxic gas in #SAA-dropped barrels contain more powerful substance than chlorine #Syria”

“#Breaking: Multiple reports of a chlorine gas attack by Assad forces targeting the security square & Matahin area in #Idlib, #Syria”

“Activists from #Idlib confirmed that multiple barrel bombs filled with toxic gas have dropped by Assad’s helicopters on the city. #Syria #CW”

“NOW: Hospital in Binnish, Syria has started receiving patients suffering from chemical attack in Idlib.”

The Syrian Revolution General Commission posted an Arabic statement on the chemical weapons bombing of Idlib.

Rough translation: “Idlib: flying the helicopters targeted the drums containing chlorine gas area .”

“My activist colleague @nour33 is confirming the attack on Idlib. Exact details are still to be confirmed.”

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