REPORT Exposes MO Crony Capitalism: Wind Farm Project Made Carnahan Family Rich at Expense of Consumers

A new report released by Fred Sauer exposes the controversial multi-million dollar Carnaham wind farm deal in Missouri.

Missouri Democratic Family Goes Green–
Tom Carnahan, brother of Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and former Rep. Russ Carnahan, was gifted with $107 million in stimulus money for his wind farm project in Missouri.

The Carnahans got a windfall in stimulus dollars. Missourians got the bill.

The Sauer report details how the prominent Democratic family stuck Missouri consumers with increased energy costs as they profited off of a controversial wind farm.

Missouri Public Service Commission has rejected several requests by Missouri citizen Fred Sauer that it publish how much money Ameren Missouri pays Prairie Wind Farm for electricity and for so-called Renewable Energy Credits.

Mr. Sauer requested this information to understand how payments to Prairie Wind Farm raise the electricity costs that Missouri consumers pay.

In response to the refusal of the Missouri Public Service Commission, Fred Sauer has distributed a Special Report entitled “The Carnahan Wind Deal: Crony Capitalism in Missouri” to encourage public discussion of this matter.

The report, originally published by National Legal And Policy Center on November 6, 2013, summarizes Mr. Sauer’s efforts to find data that would allow him to interpolate the probable tax-paid profits of the Carnahan Lost Creek Wind Farm.

Contrary to the Missouri Public Service Commission claim that what Ameren Missouri pays for so-called “Green Energy” is highly classified, Mr. Sauer was able to find the financial statements of Pioneer Prairie’s owner EDP Renewables North America, a Houston-based subsidiary of Energias of Portugal, as detailed in the Special Report.

The Special Report has been mailed to each member of the Missouri Public Service Commission as well as to every member of the Missouri General Assembly.

“Missouri citizens deserve to know how much so-called ‘green energy’ special interest groups are enriched at the expense of everyone who uses electricity,” said Fred Sauer.

The Special Report is available here as well as at

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