Report: Embattled Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson to Resign

After months of abuse and harassment by the liberal media and professional race-hsutlers Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson will reportedly resign.

Police Chief Jackson was a favorite target of the left after he released a report that included information on 18 year-old Michael Brown robbing a convenience store before his death.

The race-hustlers finally have a scalp – Police Chief Jackson.
FOX News reported:


The chief of the Ferguson, Mo., police department, which was cleared in a racially-charged shooting but accused of years of racial profiling in a subsequent Justice Department probe, will resign, law enforcement sources told Fox News.

Chief Tom Jackson’s resignation would come one day after the Ferguson City Council unanimously approved a resolution to part ways with City Manager John Shaw following the probe that alleged racial bias at the department and courts.

The St. Louis suburb has been beleaguered by unrest since a white police officer fatally shot an unarmed, black 18-year-old last summer.

Michael Brown’s death prompted protests in the St. Louis area and across the nation, including after a St. Louis County grand jury declined to bring charges against former Officer Darren Wilson.

A Washington Post editorial criticized Jackson for making a “volatile situation worse.” But Jackson repeatedly said he would not step down.

The Justice Department cleared Wilson of civil rights charges in the shooting, saying the evidence supported his claim he was acting in self-defense. But the department outlined ways the Ferguson police and court systems functioned as a money-making enterprise that heightened tensions among the city’s black residents.

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