Professor Argues Men are Inferior Beings: Women Are Genetically “Superior to Men”

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Emory University Professor Melvin Konner believes men are inferior beings and women are genetically “superior to men.” Konner shared his theory in an article published in The Wall Street Journal.
Pundit Press reported:

Melvin Konner, a Professor of Anthropology and Behavioral Biology at Emory University, believes that women will lead the world to “a better place.” More specifically, he argues, “male biology has brought the world war, corruption, and scandal.” He wrote his opinions down in an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal titled, “A Better World, Run by Women.”

Women, he believes, do not become corrupt, they are not scandalous, and shall not ever plunge nations or the world into war. Females, he explains bluntly, are “superior to men in most ways that will count in the future… because of chromosomes, genes, hormones and brain circuits.”

War will become a thing of the past once women are in charge, Dr. Konner argues, because “All wars are boyish.” And when women leaders have gone to war, it’s not because women are capable of doing such a thing, but because “these women were perched atop all-male hierarchies confronting other hypermasculine political pyramids, and they were masculinized as they fought their way to the top.”

And scandals, fraud, and violence will be eradicated once women are in charge, he continues. “Sex scandals, financial corruption and violence are all overwhelmingly male,” Dr. Konner writes.

The fact of the matter is that women are better than men. Men are simply an inferior life form. “We must give up the illusion of sameness between the sexes,” Dr. Konner argues. In fact, men shouldn’t even exist.

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