Barack Obama: “What If We Carried Ourselves More Like Ted Kennedy?”

Barack Obama honored Teddy Kennedy yesterday at the opening ceremony of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.

Teddy Kennedy was most famous not for the lives he touched but for the one he left behind.

ABC News reported:


The details of the July 19 accident were salacious: a Regatta Weekend reunion party at a friend’s cottage with all married men (except one) and six women — the “boiler room girls” — who had worked together on Robert Kennedy’s 1968 presidential campaign.

After a day of sailing and heavy drinking, Kennedy drove his black Oldsmobile sedan off a small wooden bridge into Poucho Pond, trapping Kopechne in seven feet of water.

Edward Moore Kennedy — only 38 and up for re-election the following year– had violated one of the cardinal rules in politics: “Never get caught with a dead girl or a live boy.”

Teddy Kennedy “liked to joke about Chappaquiddick” with his closest friends.

Joe Biden added: “He was an anchor for many of us in our personal lives.”

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