ON THIS DAY IN 1965 – Angry Democrats with Billy Clubs & Dogs Attacked Selma Civil Rights Marchers

On this day in 1965, fifty years ago today, angry Democrats with billy clubs, tear gas and dogs attacked peaceful civil rights activists in Selma, Alabama.
selma dogs
Angry Democrats sicced dogs on the civil rights protesters.

democrats billy clubs
Police used billy clubs to punish the protesters. (TIME)

Grand Old Partisan reported:


On this day in 1965, state police under the command of the Democrat Governor, George Wallace, attacked African-Americans who were demonstrating for voting rights in Selma, Alabama. The rampaging Democrats used billy clubs and tear gas and dogs in their “Bloody Sunday” assault.

A Republican-appointed federal judge, Frank Johnson, soon ruled in favor of the demonstrators, enabling them to complete their march two weeks later.

These incidents are described on pages 202-03 of Back to Basics for the Republican Party, a history of GOP civil rights achievement.

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