Obama Sends #Ferguson Cops a Tweet => Mike Brown Got a Speech, 40 FBI Investigators & Funeral Reps

Two St. Louis County Police Officers were shot in front of the Ferguson station lat last night.
One officer was shot in the face and the other was shot in the shoulder.

In response to the Ferguson police officers’ shootings the Obama Administration posted a tweet.

The tweet didn’t go over so well.
Via Twitchy:


** The Obama administration sent three representatives to Michael Brown’s funeral in Ferguson, Missouri.

** Barack Obama gave a speech after Michael Brown’s shooting death.

** The Obama administration sent 40 FBI investigators to Ferguson after Mike Brown’s shooting death.

** Obama sent Eric Holder to Ferguson after the shooting.

** Obama later met with Ferguson activists in the White House and told them to “stay the course.”

He sent ambushed Ferguson cops a tweet.

Then Obama flew off to California for the Jimmy Kimmel Show tonight.
Via Greta Wire:
obama kimmel cops

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