Obama AGAIN Rebukes Netanyahu; Questions Sincerity of His Apology (VIDEO)

President Obama once again rebuked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The far left president questioned the sincerity of Netanyahu’s apology to Arab Israelis.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

President Barack Obama joined Arab Knesset members on Monday in questioning an apology offered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the Arab sector in Israel for his warning against the Arab vote.

It was the second time over the past week that the Obama administration and the Arab Joint List issued strikingly similar statements criticizing him, in a likely sign of what is to come as long as the prime minister and Obama are in office. Arab MKs and Obama himself questioned the sincerity of Netanyahu’s clarifications on the Palestinian issue.

Netanyahu tried to make amends with the Arab sector on Monday by hosting leaders from Israeli Arab and other minority communities from across the country at his official residence in Jerusalem.

He used the occasion to apologize for his Election Day warning to right-wing voters that Israeli Arabs were going to vote en masse in buses funded by foreign, nongovernmental organizations and donors.

“I know that my comments last week offended some Israeli citizens and offended members of the Israeli-Arab community,” he said. “This was never my intent. I apologize for this.”



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