Obama Admin Leaks Bergdahl’s Defense: He Left Post to Report Discipline Problems

The Obama administration is leaking information on deserter Bowe Bergdahl’s legal defense.
Via Twitchy:

This looks like an attempt by the Obamabots to minimize the Bergdahl fallout.

Apparently CNN does not read its own reports.
In 2014 CNN reported that an undisciplined unit was NOT why Bergdahl walked away.
bergdahl cnn


A former lieutenant colonel who advised officials investigating Bergdahl’s disappearance said that while some of the unit’s commanders did not have their act together, their behavior does not explain why Bergdahl left his platoon.

“There’s nothing going on here that could justify in my mind or justify in anyone that I’ve talked to about this that would allow for or explain Bergdahl simply walking away and abandoning his post,” retired Army Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer said.

While investigators continue to speculate about motivations, one common theme has emerged — Bergdahl walked away.

Bergdahl reportedly left a note in his tent the night he disappeared saying he was leaving to start a new life.

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