NUTTY PROFESSOR Smokes on Plane – Mutters About Hero Hugo Chavez, Then Is Arrested at Miami Airport

Yes. She is an unhinged leftist.
karen halnon
Professor Karen Halnon teaches sociology at Penn State Abington.
She was arrested at Miami International Airport after a bizarre incident on a plane from Nicaragua to Miami.

Halnon has been a professor of sociology at Penn State Abington since 1999.
She teaches about U.S. imperialism in Latin America. Professor Halnon also claims the US took out Hugo Chavez with cancer.

Philly Mag reported:


Professor Halnon was flying from Nicaragua to Miami when she let loose with a tirade about Venezuela, possibly a reaction to President Obama’s recent sanctions against Venezuelan authorities. As is the case with all airplane antics in the 21st Century, the passengers caught some of it on video.

Here Professor Halnon smokes on the plane.

And here Professor Halnon yells about her great hero, dead Marxist Hugo Chavez.

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