NOLA Airport Terrorist Refused Surgery & Died – Said It Was Against His Religion

At least two people were stabbed in a security line at New Orleans Airport on Saturday night.

According to FOX8Live: A man identified as Richard White -who was not traveling – tried to get past a Southwest Airlines security checkpoint and was confronted by a TSA agent. White produced a can of wasp spray and sprayed the agent, Normand said. As the man continued to fight, he produced a machete and cut one of the agents. Agents chased him toward a deputy, who then shot White, hitting him in the face and chest.

Richard White was carrying a bag full of six Molotov cocktails and a barbeque lighter.

White was a Jehovah’s Witness and refused “certain types of medical care” because it was against his religion. So he died at the hospital.

Apparently, hacking and blowing up strangers at an airport was acceptable… But surgery was a no-no.

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