New Gun Law Hinders LEO Training


As hunters have been voicing their concerns over Washington’s new vague background check law, it appears as though law enforcement agencies are being impacted as well.

From the latest newsletter from state Rep. Lynda Wilson

“Another issue of great concern to me is the continued fallout from the passage of I-594 regarding universal background checks on firearm transfers. Since it passed in November, we are continuing to hear of major issues created by this initiative, including  a concern shared with me by the Clark County Sheriff’s Department. State law requires law enforcement officers to receive extensive training and certification in firearms use. This often requires an outside armorer to conduct trainings that involve multiple firearms being used throughout the certification training by instructors and participants. Under the provisions of I-594, it is unclear if these transfers would require background checks. In fact, some armorers have cancelled their training courses in Washington state and law enforcement agencies are being advised by their legal departments to seek training out of state.

The pro I 594 said all along this would not affect such things, but whether intended or not, that’s exactly what is happening.

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