NC State Point Guard: “What the F*ck Is Wrong with Barack Obama?”

On Saturday NC State point guard Cat Barber was heard in the team huddle after the game saying,
“What the f*ck is wrong with Barack Obama?”

Obama picked Villanova over the NC State Wolfpack in his NCAA basketball predictions.

Today Cat Barber apologized.
The Hill reported:


A college basketball player on Sunday apologized for swearing at President Obama for picking his team’s opponent in this season’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

North Carolina State point guard Cat Barber walked back the outburst on Twitter as March Madness excitement.

“Got nothing but respect for @barackobama,” Barber tweeted. “Love our president! Caught up in a moment, Sweet 16!!!”

The rising sophomore initially caught ears during a victory celebration in the Wolfpack’s locker room after 8-seed NC State beat top-seeded Villanova on Saturday, 71-68.

“What the f*ck is wrong with President Obama?” Barber roared in the team huddle.

President Obama is an avid hoops fan that – like millions of regular Americans – fills out a bracket of tournament predictions each season. He picked the Wildcats to beat NC State in their meeting this year.

On Friday US military forces fled Yemen.
On Saturday Barack Obama spent the day golfing and watching basketball.

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