Muslims Hurl Firebombs at Church Dedicated to Coptic Victims of #ISIS

Islamists in Minya, Egypt held Muslim prayers inside three Coptic Churches after they were destroyed in August 2013.

copts pray st. moses
Copts pray inside the Church of St. Moses (Moussa), destroyed by Muslim rioters in Minya, Egypt, Aug. 14-15, 2013. (Rotati Caeli)

At least 47 churches and monasteries were burned, robbed, or attacked in the fall of 2013.


In February ISIS slaughtered 21 Coptic Christians in Libya.
isis slaughter copts
The Christian men were marched onto the beach and beheaded.

This week a church in Minya that was being built to commemorate the Coptic victims of ISIS was attacked by scores of young Muslims.
The Muslims hurled firebombs and shot up the church building.
IBTimes reported:

A Coptic church being built to commemorate local victims of Isis in the southern Minya Province has been attacked by scores of young Muslims, some throwing petrol bombs. At least seven people were wounded, three of them seriously, the church and grounds damaged and a car burnt out.

The church was being built in the village of al-Our, where 13 of the 21 victims beheaded by Isis in Libya originated. Coptic citizens had bought suitable land, but the construction of the church was controversial, with some local Muslims objecting to its being built at the entrance to the village.

According to Daily News Egypt, on 27 March scores of Muslims who had attended midday prayers gathered outside the church to protest at its construction, chanting it would never be built. The Muslim protest took place as a mass was being held for those beheaded by Isis.

The men, some of whom were identified as belonging to Muslim Brotherhood, dispersed without incident, but later the same evening some returned with petrol bombs and launched the attack. International Christian Concern alleges some of the attackers fired shots at the church.

According to the Daily News – In February, Copts in Minya’s Our Village called for a church to be established in the village honouring 20 Coptic Egyptian workers beheaded in Libya. They died at the hands of Islamic State militants in Libya, according to religious freedoms researcher at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) Ishak Ibrahim.

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