MSNBC Guest: March Madness Tournament Is “Organized Theft of Black Wealth” (VIDEO)

The ‘March Madness’ NCAA basketball tournament brings in a reported $700 million each year.
march madness

During a discussion about how college athletes do not get paid for their efforts (except for a full ride worth tens of thousands of dollars), Dave Zirin of The Nation magazine told MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry the entire NCAA tournament (i.e., your March Madness bracket) amounts to “organized theft of black wealth.”

“I have no idea what their defense is at this point other than them hiring lawyers who aren’t working for free who go and argue that the money has to stay away from the players’ pocket… We all become party of this rank exploitation. We become collectively corruptedWhen we stop trying to speak in politically correct language what we’re looking at is the organized theft of black wealth.

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