Liberal Radio Honk Says “Republicans Deserve Suicide Gene”

malloyApparently this Mike Malloy fella is some kind of radio host. Like most of America, you’ve probably never heard of him, as most of the liberal radio shows tank in the ratings. To date, he’s best known for calling for open carriers to be shot. This guy also posts portions of his show to his YouTube channel, and one particular segment is rife with lunacy.

From his October 19th, 2014 edition:

“Look how these filthy, sinking Republicans responded to Obamacare… Rather than coming up with a real national health insurance, that would be single payer, they let this corporate mess go through… But people are still at the mercy of this capitalist, free market system. It’s “free” to the capitalists who run it, everyone else pays through the ass… I am convinced, that anyone who is a conservative or a Republican or religious, they are hell bent on destroying – there is some kid of a genetic twist that has occurred. Maybe this is a response to what the planet sees, as ‘look, your species has screwed everything up. So therefore, I, mother earth, Gaia, whatever you want to call it, I’m going to activate the suicide gene in your people.‘”

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