Khamenei BLASTS US REPUBLICANS and “Zionist” Netanyahu

Hey, Obama — Newsflash=>
The Iranian Supreme Leader made it clear he does not believe Republicans share a common cause with him, so maybe you can drop that bombastic line.

How about you stop treating this as a popularity contest between you and Bibi, you and the Republican-led Congress, you and reality?

We are discussing the number one state sponsor of terror in the world getting nuclear weapons. This is far more serious than your precious narcissism.


It is truly frustrating how ignorant the Democratic supporters are, in that they really do not grasp that there are three equal, separate branches of government in the US. The Legislative Branch has not only the authority, but the responsibility, to challenge the Executive Branch, particularly in support of our Constitution and national security. It’s frightening to see people actually support the position that Obama is some sort of supreme leader, never to be questioned or challenged.

Now this…
khamenei ak47

Khamenei lashes out at US Republicans and “Zionist clown” Netanyahu.
The Jerusalem Post reported:

“Every time we reach a stage where the end of the negotiations is in sight, the tone of the other side, specifically the Americans, becomes harsher, coarser and tougher. This is the nature of their tricks and deceptions.”

Mehr quoted Khamenei as saying: “Of course I am worried, because the other side is known for opacity, deceit and backstabbing.”

Khamenei added that US accusations of Iranian involvement in terrorism were risible. He also criticized a speech to Congress by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this month that warned the United States it was negotiating a bad deal with Iran that could spark a nuclear nightmare.

“When this Zionist clown spoke at Congress, members of the US government made remarks to deny any role in this event,” a message on Khamenei’s Twitter account read following his meeting with the clerics.

“But at the same time they accused Iran of terrorism; these remarks were cheap and despicable,” he added.

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