Illegals Chant “Si, se puede” (Yes, We Can!) At Dem Rep’s Spanish Only Town Hall (VIDEO)

Guest post by Patch Adams

IL Chant(Image screenshot)

Normally when an individual thinks of a “tour” images of rock stars and roadies come to mind. But when it comes to the Democrat Party a “tour” is just a tool they utilize to push President Obama’s Illegal Amnesty.


Since January Democratic Congressmen from Chicago, Luis Gutierrez, has been traveling the United States on an Immigration Action National Tour. These town hall meetings are events were Representative Gutierrez educated illegal aliens about what President Obama’s executive orders on Immigration meant for them and their families.

On Saturday, March 21st, 2015 Representative Gutierrez held the final town hall meeting of his tour at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. At this town hall attendees were shockingly told that it was to be a Spanish speaking only event but head phones, which provided an English translation, were offered.

According to a video recorded by a citizen activst, after a heated exchange between the audience, town hall organizers, and a group of protesters, several illegals began chanting “Yes We Can!” in Spanish (Si Se Puede!) in response to protesters’ chant of “USA!”. Video below:

In another video recorded by the same citizen activist during the event, organizers denied that they were encouraging individuals to break Federal Law by illegally entering the Uniteds States. But several questions that quickly flashed across the screen, which were chosen by the town hall organizers but submitted by attendees, suggests otherwise.

One question asked “What if I have a prior deportation?” (Screenshot below):

Prior Deportation

Another asked “Do I qualify if I adopted U.S. citizen children?” (Screenshot below):

Adopt US Children

One question even asked about signing up for food stamps, MediCal, or Cash Advance because of the children. (Screenshot below):

Food Stamps

The event ended early after Representative Gutierrez stormed out of the town hall when several protesters demanded to be allowed to ask uncensored questions. (Video below):

Representative Luis V. Gutierrez is in his twelfth term and is a senior member of the Illinois delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives. He has been representing the 4th District in Chicago since 1992.

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